My Triathlon Season Has Come To A Close

By Kelly Rothwell

My triathlon season has come to a close.  I cannot believe that I finished 4 triathlons within 3 months.  It has been a crazy journey.

My last triathlon of the season was Tri the Parks John Tanner 2 in Carrollton, GA.  It was a very nice course, and as usual the tri the parks people did an excellent job.  I think of all the triathlons I have done with tri the parks, this one was my favorite.  The swim was a loop in a very small lake.  The bike portion was on gently rolling hills.  It felt like it was mostly flat.  The run was a little hilly, but not nearly as hilly as Blalock lakes, so it was manageable.

I swam the 600 meters in 14:53.  I was actually the fastest swimmer in my age group, which is pretty exciting.  That has never happened before by a long shot.

My transition was just okay at 1:09.  I completely forgot to have my bike shoes prepared so that slowed me down a bit.

I finished the 13.8 mile bike in 47:35.  This was 17.3 mph, which was not the best I had done this season.  I had a tough time on the bike that day.  I got upset about something on the ride and I let it keep me from performing my best.  I’m disappointed, but hoping I’ve learned some from it so that I won’t allow it to happen again.

My second transition was 50 seconds.  I actually tried to rack my bike in the wrong area because I wasn’t paying attention.  Think this is the second time I’ve done that.  J

My run was a bit of a disappointment as well.  I finished the 5k in 28:16.  I let my disappointment in the bike ride slow me down in the run too.  I will say, however, that as I was going terribly slowly on the run, a 31 year old girl passed me.  She was very kind and said some encouraging words, and I repaid her by racing past her in the last 30 seconds.  Although I was disappointed in my run over all, I am very proud of myself for pulling it together the last half mile and finishing in 2nd place in my age group by passing that girl in front of me.

I finished in 1:33:00.

I have been very thankful to Endurance Concepts for coaching me this summer.  I certainly would have never accomplished so much on my own.  I have learned an incredible amount.

So now that it is all over, I’ve decided to take a break from triathlon training.  I will still be biking, swimming, and running to not lose all that I have gained, but it will be to a much lesser degree.  I will be continuing my coaching with endurance concepts, but now they will be training me for a half and possibly full marathon.  I’m very excited to see how much the coaching from endurance concepts will improve my running speed much like I have greatly improved in my swimming and biking this summer.