Why I have a Coach

 By Kelly Rothwell

I get a lot of curious questions about why I have a coach.  For people who have never had a coach, it seems like an extravagance.  To others it seems almost like cheating the system, and to others like I’m less of an athlete because I use one.  For me, having a coach is kind of a luxury.  A luxury, now after a year of having one, that I will gladly work hard to keep.

Having a coach has changed my life as far as training and racing go.  I enjoy training so much more now with a coach.  Following a 16 week training plan is so boring for me.  After about 10 weeks, I’m just tired of it.  I don’t want to do it and I lose enjoyment in the training.  I have not had that problem since being trained by Endurance Concepts.  They have hundreds of workouts available to them. My coach, recognizing that I like change, often switches them up for me.

The other awesome thing about having an Endurance Concepts coach is that they specifically cater your training plan to your life.  I am a busy working mom who has to juggle a lot of things.  My coach understands that about me, and as long as I let him know in advance what my restrictions are, he will rearrange my training schedule to accommodate for that.  A set training plan doesn’t do that for you, and in the past I would have been apt to just skip workouts that didn’t work with my calendar.

Having a coach has kept me from being stupid.  Really stupid.  I’m quite apt to.  I push too hard, too soon, too fast.  I don’t often listen to my body and I keep on when I should be scaling back.  It’s quite funny how much a coach can tell by our heart rate straps, pace, and comments.  My coach scales me back when I need to be reined in.   A good coach also knows when to push his/her athletes too.

Having a coach keeps you accountable.  I never thought I needed accountability in training because I mostly followed the training plans well, but I’m discovering that I do.  There is something about having one more person that is expecting you to finish that workout that gets you out there.  I really hate having to put in missed workouts when they do happen.  My coach reminds me that even on days that I don’t want to do a workout, that I should at least go try to do some of it.  That is enough to get me out the door and inevitably I end up doing it all.

If you haven’t tried working with a coach yet, I would highly recommend it.  In the year that I’ve been coached by Endurance Concepts, I have made vast improvements in my abilities.  I’ve achieved goals that I never dreamed I could have.  With good communication with your coach and execution of their plans, you will too.