Custom Race Plan

Tired of searching the interwebs for a plan that might fit into your schedule and address your lifestyle and location?  Or maybe the generic plan is well….GENERIC.

We are pleased to offer a personalized plan that can help bridge the gap between your current fitness and your goal fitness. Not everyone can afford or wants to afford a fully custom coaching plan. They just want to know that a professional coach has created a well thought out plan just for them and their life situation.

As individuals we all have different strengths and weakness and levels of ability, so generic off-the-shelf training plans just aren’t good enough. You deserve the best and we look forward to creating your program just for you.

We want to be very clear that this program is not coaching.  But rather it’s a way to get a plan that is personalized to your and your race.  It’s focused on YOU.

What’s included?

Run Plans:
– A Training Peaks account with fully detailed workouts from your start date to your “A” race and a week beyond to ensure proper recovery
– After completing the athlete questionnaire your coach will schedule an initial phone consultation
– An initial phone consultation with the professional coach that will develop your plan for an initial assessment of your needs
– Unlimited e-mail contact during the first week after your plan has been completed and uploaded to your Training Peaks account. This is so that you can ask questions about the workouts or the plan in general. No changes will be made until the 2nd week
– During the beginning of the 2nd week of your personalized plan a final phone consultation to address any questions you may have about the plan or how to implement it.  Your professional coach will make changes to your plan based on the athlete feedback
– At the end of the 2nd week your individualized training plan will be finalized

Triathlon Plans:
– All of the benefits of the Run Plan plus….
– HR Field testing and analysis of bike or run file to determine HR zones
– Video feedback analysis of form for a single discipline (20 or 24 wk plans are eligible for a 30 min in-person form feedback session at the coaches location)
– Endurance Concepts custom race belt
– Endurance Concepts custom water bottles (2)
– Access to TeamEC discount to include special pricing for Energy Lab spin classes
– Access to TeamEC coached group workouts

Upgrade possibilities:
– Find that you need a bit more time for questions?  We have additional in-person and phone consultations available for a small fee
– If you find that your personalized plan is working but you want to step it up to that next level, we will waive your set up fee (Normally $150) and get you started on a coaching plan that suits your needs.


Run Plans:
8 weeks = $149
12 weeks = $199
16 weeks = $249
20 weeks = $299

Triathlon Plans*:
12 weeks = $399
16 weeks = $499
20 weeks = $599
24 weeks = $699
*Payment plans are available

To get your Custom Race Plan started, fill out the questionnaire linked below. Coach Dan will contact you within 24 hrs to assess your customized needs.

Click here
to start the athlete questionnaire.

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