Static Integration Coaching


-Annual Training Plan (ATP) that is updated on a quarterly basis as necessary
-Personalized Training Plan Developed Monthly
-Once your coach has established your monthly plan, it’s the athletes responsibility to make adjustments due to changes in
-Access to Your Coach Limited to Emails and occasional phone calls.  Monthly phone calls with your coach will be available to add
accountability to your training
-Personalized Race Strategies will be placed in TrainingPeaks outlining the race details
– For A races a written race strategy will be placed in TrainingPeaks outlining the race details
– For any other race, email discussions with your coach to determine what specifically to focus on during the race
– Training and Racing Nutritional Advice and suggestions offered
-Daily Workout Email Reminders
– Key saved TrainingPeaks workouts will be reviewed on a Monthly basis during the monthly discussions with your coach
– HR Zone and Power Testing will establish your training parameters.  These will be provided to the athlete via e-mail
– Communication is athlete driven through emails and occasional text messages
– Response to athlete driven communication will be resolved within 48 hrs
– Access to all TeamEC discounts and Sponsor sales

Static Integration coaching is perfect for veteran triathletes with consistent schedules. If you are looking to get out of your rut, this may be the plan for you. Your USAT certified coach will develop a customized training plan for you monthly. Your progress will be reviewed during the monthly discussions with your coach which adds a layer of accountability to your training.  Any known time constraints, injuries or updates will be addressed during the monthly discussion with your coach.

Your Endurance Concepts coach will use your season goals, key limiters and time constraints to build a personalized Annual Training Plan (ATP) to guide your progress through the season.  Using scientifically proven methodologies, your coach will develop a monthly plan addressing your key limiters and leading you toward a successful race.

Whether you chose to train using heart rate, pace, or RPE as a guide, your coach will program workouts to make your workouts functional and challenging using the industry-leading TrainingPeaks software.

Costs: $150 – $200 per month, $150 start-up fee

To get started with the Static Integration coaching package, fill out the questionnaire linked below. A coach will call you directly to better understand your goals and schedule an athlete-coach interview.

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